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Music Certification & Ranking Program for
Your School 

Globally renowned music certification program, providing students with comprehensive music curriculum, online exams, and certifications to enhance their musical skills and open doors to exciting opportunities.


Outsource World Class Music Curriculum

Award winning, step by step syllabus. Well designed books with mobile app. Specially designed 'Music Training Kits' to train & certify your students


Wide Range of Courses to
Choose From

Guitar, Electronic keyboard, Drums, Singing, Music Theory & Music production. Each course offers a total of 8 levels from beginner to advanced

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Additional Training Support

Additional training support through interactive online classes, ensuring that students receive comprehensive guidance in their musical journey.

WATCH VIDEO - How the school music program works

Trained & certified
30,000+ students
worldwide, Since 2003

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Mahima Chaudhry

"I, Mahima Chaudhry and my kids Ariana & Ryan have joined Musicology. Well designed syllabus, books & app make Musicology truly special!"

Delnaz (1) (1).jpg

Delnaz Irani

“For quality music education, Musicology is the answer! Since 2003, Musicology has certified thousands of students."

Kishore (1) (2).jpg

Kishore Ajwani
News Producer

“I'm really thankful to have found Musicology for my son. He couldn't have had a better journey on the path of music"

Satish (1) (3).jpg

Satish Sharma
CEO, Apollo Tyres

“Enrolling our twins into Musicology programs was one of the better investments we have made."

Trusted by top celebrities

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Certified in Vocals & Guitar

Ashmit (1).jpg


Certified in Vocals & Keyboard

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Certified in Vocals & Guitar

Ria (1).jpg


Certified in Vocals & Keyboard

Trained & certified students worldwide

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"Musicology is one of the best for music education."

NDTV_M Topper (1) (1).jpg


"Musicology is known for quality music education."

TOI_M Topper (1) (1).jpg


"Musicology - A healthy dose

of fun!"

Amar Ujala_M Topper_ (1) (2).jpg


"Yuvaaon mein sangeet ka josh bhar raha Musicology."

What media says about us


 Q. I am curious about the story behind Anurag Dixit's Musicology?

Anurag Dixit's Musicology is one of the leading music institutes in India with a global reach and acclaim. Founded in 2003 by internationally renowned musician Anurag Dixit and award-winning educator Manisha Dixit, the institute has trained and certified thousands of students worldwide through its award-winning programs. Its alumni include MTV artists, industry professionals, and music teachers across India and abroad.

Q: What does the Musicology certification program offer?

The Musicology certification program offers comprehensive music education, online exams, and globally recognized certifications to enhance their musical skills and open doors to exciting opportunities.


Q: How does the program work?

The program follows a structured process. Students choose their preferred course or instrument and apply for the online examination. After submitting the exam fee, they gain access to music learning kits, including graded books and a mobile app. They prepare performances, record them, and submit their recordings for online assessment. Optional interactive online classes are available for additional support (Offered at an additional tuition fee). Expert evaluations result in certifications and global ranking.


Q: What instruments and courses are available in the program?


The program offers a wide range of instruments and courses, including Singing, Guitar, Electronic Keyboard, Drums, Music Theory, and Music Production. Students can choose one or more instruments from the available courses.


Q: Can students receive additional support and guidance?


Yes, students have the option to participate in interactive online classes, offered at an additional tuition fee. These classes provide personalized training and guidance to further enhance their musical abilities.


Q: Is the program suitable for beginners?


Absolutely! The program caters to students of all skill levels, from beginner to advanced. It offers a structured curriculum that allows beginners to start their musical journey and progress through the different levels at their own pace.


Q: Are the certifications globally reputed?


Yes, the certifications offered through the Musicology program hold global repute. Anurag Dixit's Musicology is a globally renowned music institute that has trained and certified students across the globe, including the USA, Europe, UAE, Australia, and other regions. These certificates are approved by international and national music education bodies, further validating their significance and credibility.


Q. Can students pursue multiple courses or instruments?


Yes, students have the flexibility to choose one or more instruments from the available courses. They can explore multiple areas of interest and broaden their musical horizons.


Q: How does the program benefit schools?

By participating in the Musicology certification program, schools can provide their students with a reputable music education, internationally acclaimed certifications, and access to a world-class curriculum and training support. This enhances the school's reputation and eliminates the need for setting up an in-house music training facility.


Q. How can I learn more about the musicology music programs for schools?

Please contact us and we will schedule a video call or phone call to discuss more details. 

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