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Start 'Anurag Dixit's Musicology' in your city!
Become a franchisee!

Running a music academy can be rather challenging. Become our franchise and start leveraging our brand value & fool-proof systems. Using our proven methods & time-tested tools, running a music training business becomes pure joy! 

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Teach your students with our award winning curriculum

As our franchise, you don't need to worry about course materials! Start teaching your students with our award winning 'music teaching programs'. You can have access to a wide variety of courses. There are separate courses for all age groups & instruments. 

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With our books, App & fool proof systems, running a music academy is fun & profitable

As our certified associate, cut down everyday hassles of arranging & managing study material. Start teaching your students with our award winning programs'. Our 'Music Teaching Kits' include well designed books, app, lesson sheets, assignments

and lots more!

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Certify your students through our exams

Register your students for 'Musicology online exams' and certify them. Musicology certificate is approved by registered institution and represents unmatched standards for over two decades.

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WATCH VIDEO - How the franchise program works

Trained & certified
30,000+ students
worldwide, Since 2003

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bollywood actress mahima chaudhry shares her experience about musicology lessons

Mahima Chaudhry

"I, Mahima Chaudhry and my kids Ariana & Ryan have joined Musicology. Well designed syllabus, books & app make Musicology truly special!"

Delnaz (1) (1).jpg

Delnaz Irani

“For quality music education, Musicology is the answer! Since 2003, Musicology has certified thousands of students."

Kishore (1) (2).jpg

Kishore Ajwani
News Producer

“I'm really thankful to have found Musicology for my son. He couldn't have had a better journey on the path of music"

Satish (1) (3).jpg

Satish Sharma
CEO, Apollo Tyres

“Enrolling our twins into Musicology programs was one of the better investments we have made."

Trusted by top celebrities

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Certified in Vocals & Guitar

Ashmit (1).jpg


Certified in Vocals & Keyboard

Praneeth_M Topper_Web.jpg


Certified in Vocals & Guitar

Ria (1).jpg


Certified in Vocals & Keyboard

Trained & certified students worldwide

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"Musicology is one of the best for music education."

NDTV_M Topper (1) (1).jpg


"Musicology is known for quality music education."

TOI_M Topper (1) (1).jpg


"Musicology - A healthy dose

of fun!"

Amar Ujala_M Topper_ (1) (2).jpg


"Yuvaaon mein sangeet ka josh bhar raha Musicology."

What media says about us

  • Q. What is a music school franchise?
    A music school franchise is a business model in which an existing music school allows other entrepreneurs to open and operate their own music school using the same brand name, curriculum, and support systems.
  • Q. How does 'Anurag Dixit's Musicology' franchise work?
    Our music school franchise works by providing franchisees with the tools and support necessary to start and run a music school under our established brand name. The franchisee pays an initial franchise fee and ongoing royalties to us (the franchisor) for the use of the brand name, curriculum, and ongoing support.
  • Q. What are the benefits of owning a franchise of Anurag Dixit's Musicology?
    Owning a franchise of 'Anurag Dixit's Musicology' can offer benefits such as an established brand name, proven curriculum, training and support from us (the franchisor), access to marketing resources, and other resources as well.
  • Q. How much does it cost to open a franchise of Anurag Dixit's Musicology?
    The cost of opening our franchise varies depending on the applicant (franchisee) and location, but typically ranges from Rs. 5,00,000/- to Rs. 8,000,00/- or more. This includes the initial franchise fee, as well as other expenses such as equipment, rent, and marketing.
  • Q. What kind of support can I expect from you?
    We offer support in areas such as training, marketing, operations, and ongoing business management. They may also provide assistance with site selection, lease negotiations, and ongoing support to help ensure the success of the franchisee's business.
  • Q. What kind of training will I receive as a franchisee?
    Franchisees typically receive training on our curriculum, business management, marketing, and other key areas of the business. The training may be provided through online resources or in-person training sessions.
  • Q. How long does it take to open a franchise of Anurag Dixit's Musicology?
    The timeline for opening our music school franchise can vary, but typically takes 3 to 6 months or more. This includes time for site selection, lease negotiations, construction or renovation, and training.
  • Q. What kind of marketing support will I receive as a franchisee?
    Franchisees typically receive access to marketing strategies and resources provided by us (the franchisor), including branding & trade mark designs for advertising and promotional materials.
  • Q. What are the qualifications for becoming a franchisee of Anurag Dixit's Musicology?
    No qualifications required as such, but strong business aptitude, financial stability, and a passion for music education will be preferred.
  • Q. What kind of music programs are offered by Anurag Dixit's Musicology?
    The programs offered by us may vary depending on the applicant, but typically include music lessons for various instruments like Guitar, Keyboard, Drums & singing etc.
  • Q. Do I need to have a music background to open a franchise of 'Anurag Dixit's Musicology?
    While a background in music can be helpful, it is not always required to open our music school franchise. Franchisees typically receive training on the curriculum and business management, regardless of their music background.
  • Q. Can I own multiple music school franchises?
    Yes, we allow franchisees to own multiple locations, depending on your qualifications and the availability of territories.
  • Q. How much money can I expect to make as a franchise of Anurag Dixit's Musicology?
    The amount of money a franchisee can make varies depending on a number of factors, including the location, market demand, and competition. Applicants should consult with us to get a better understanding of the potential earnings.
  • Q. Are there any ongoing fees I need to pay as a franchisee?
    Yes, franchisees typically pay ongoing royalties to the franchisor, as well as other fees for marketing and other support services.
  • Q. What is the process for renewing my music school franchise agreement? Are there any ongoing fees I need to pay as a franchisee?
    Yes, franchisees typically pay a renewal fee to the franchisor.
  • Q. How long has the franchise been in business?
    Anurag Dixit's Musicology has been working since 2003
  • Q. What kind of support can I expect in terms of finding a location for my music school franchise?
    After signing up for the franchisee program, you will receive the support in finding a location as well as other areas of business operations.
  • Q. How can I learn more about the music school franchisee?
    Please contact us and we will schedule a video call or phone call to discuss more details.
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